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Perth Hills Wine Region
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The Packing Shed at Lawnbrook

The Packing Shed at Lawnbrook is a stunning winery located on a beautiful 10 acre property in the heart of Bickley Valley.

The Packing Shed at Lawnbrook’s vineyard provides Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Semillon grapes which are used for the delicious wines.

Producing approximately 3500 bottles per year from the vineyard, they also source fruit from within the Perth Hills Wine Region to expand the range.

The kitchen at Packing Shed at Lawnbrook has introduced a new home made country style menu, which is the perfect accompaniment to the delicious wine.

Make a booking now, and discover all that the Packing Shed at Lawnbrook has to offer – a stunning view, glorious food, and wine that has the sweetest labels and tastes delicious

Open Saturday + Sunday
11 – 3pm

19 Loaring Rd Bickley

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