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Perth Hills Wine Region

Zig Zag Scenic Drive

  • Bickley Valley
  • Bike Friendly
  • Car Accessible
  • Walking Path

Originally started as the Upper Darling Range Railway, built in 1890-91 by E.V.H Keane, it was used to connect the timber concession at Canning Mills with the main line at Midland.  The line was closed in 1949 and since then has become a scenic drive.
Zig Zag scenic drive is one-way only, beginning on William St, Gooseberry Hill and zig zagging down the escarpment, taking in the fantastic views of the city and beautiful wildflowers.  Open everyday.
Directions: Enter from Kalamunda, Take Gooseberry Hill Road, turn left into Williams Street / Lascelles Parade.

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