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Perth Hills Wine Region
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Lion Mill Vineyards

Lion Mill Vineyards is situated in the picturesque Darling Range east of Perth. With a selection of quality sparkling, table, reserve and dessert and fortified wines, the choice is sure to please everyone.

At Lion Mill Vineyards, each wine is created with handpicked grapes, including speciality grapes rarely seen in Western Australia. This ensures premium quality wines that will not break the budget. And with the vineyard so close to Perth, that makes it a luxury that’s within reach.

You’ll be served by the winemakers themselves, so while enjoying the taste, you will learn everything there is to know about the wine you are drinking.

Pack a picnic, enjoy the wine with a stunning view and pet the friendly alpacas. Discover Lion Mill Vineyards and all it has to offer.

700 Lion Street Mount Helena

Friday – 1pm -5pm
Saturday – 11am – 5pm
Sunday – 11am -5pm

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